Employee Benefits

We want to become and remain your trusted employee benefits advisor.



Employee Benefits

We help you serve your employees with healthcare and wellness solutions – making you an employer of choice.

Providing competitive benefits to your employees has been and continues to be challenging in today's marketplace.  With health care reform, you will find security in your relationship with Daly Merritt Insurance and our experienced team.  We work with businesses of all sizes across many industries to design employee benefit programs tailored to fit the needs of each individual client.  Whether you have just a few employees or thousands, we'll work with you to build a program around your goals.  We want to become and remain your trusted advisor.

We're committed to providing competitive benefits programs designed around helping you recruit and retain talented employees while controlling costs and minimizing the impact to your budget.  We also provide our clients with technology that allows you to manage your employees' benefit program with ease.  Our team stays on top of compliance issues and will help you navigate through today's evolving health insurance requirements.

The service and coverage we provide helps you to attract and retain long-term employees. The technology we provide your business allows you to manage your group's benefits with ease. We understand compliance and are happy to help you navigate today's evolving health insurance requirements. 

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