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By Kim Robson, 01/03/2017
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 4,500 workers are killed on the job every year with the leading cause being falls. It is an employer’s responsibility to provide a safe workplace so the Occupational Safety and Health Administration publishes a list of their ten most frequently cited...

By Andy Stubblefield, 12/28/2016
Climbing on a roof is always a safety hazard but it is especially dangerous if employees are on a snow and ice covered roof. It is important to understand that your employees may have little experience when it comes to shoveling snow off of roofs.

By Ivy Crum, 12/27/2016
Driving in the winter can be scary and cause anxiety, especially when it snows and freezes. Winter weather is unavoidable, but being in control and prepared for the weather can give you peace of mind when driving treacherous roads.

By Megan DiMartino, 12/08/2016
It is projected that by 2024 the working class of people aged 55+ will be the largest among all age groups at 24.8%. Compare that to 1994’s statistics where they were the smallest among all age groups at 11.9%.

By Kristin Meschler, 12/07/2016
December 4-10 is National Handwashing Awareness Week. Did you know that practicing good hand hygiene is the best way to prevent the spread of germs? Health experts estimate that 80 percent of common infections are spread through hand contact.

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